Donate in Memory


Carl Turkstra, along with his wife Kate, was always a generous supporter of the arts in Hamilton. The great work of many arts organizations in our community have been made just that much more vibrant through of Carl and Kate’s love of the arts.

In 2011, after decades of arts philanthropy in Hamilton, Carl and Kate established the Incite Foundation for the Arts that each year provides significant grants to a wide variety of arts organizations in our community from choral to orchestral, from film to stage, from education to performance.

You won’t find Carl or Kate’s name on many things. That’s how they liked it. Think of them as old-fashioned philanthropists, more interested in the success of the recipients than in receiving credit for their generosity.

Sadly, Hamilton’s arts community lost one its biggest fans when Carl Turkstra passed away on May 22, 2022. But, the Incite Foundation will continue to support the arts in Hamilton and Burlington. Carl made sure of that.

May every organization helped by the generosity of Carl and Kate continue to lift up our community through the beauty of their art.

Thank you Carl and Kate Turkstra.

Inciting Success For The Arts in Hamilton

Founded in 2011, the incite Foundation for the Arts is a non profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing support for the arts in the Hamilton Community. Our organization strives to enrich the lives of Hamiltonians and visitors by championing visual and performing arts charitable institutions in the area.

We intensely believe in the power of the arts to enrich communities, attract new visitors and economic growth to our city, initiate strong bonds of friendship and promote confidence and self esteem in individuals of all ages. Our goal is to create a cultural revolution in Hamilton by allowing arts related organizations to thrive without fear of monetary encumbrance. Since 2011, incite has donated $3,500,000 to Hamilton area arts organizations.

Tax deductible donations to the work of the incite Foundation are very welcome. Join us in inciting a cultural revolution and contributing to the artistic heritage and future of the city of Hamilton.