Incite Foundation Donations

The incite Foundation is a registered charity and welcomes the participation of potential supporters. Our aim is to substantially increase the total public financial support available to Hamilton’s regional performing arts organizations.

Our intent is to raise money, look after it and give it away. Within the general conditions of our charter, Incite can be quite flexible but we intend to maintain minimal administrative complexity and expense.

We have the facilities to arrange individual or family funds within incite to support specific organizations or fields of interest within the scope of our mission and charter. For sufficiently large funds, separate advisory committees can be established.

There is a variety of ways tor make donations including:
1. Direct donations of cash or capital property and receive a tax receipt
2. Inclusion in estate arrangements, or
3. Dedication of insurance policies or registered pension fund

There are many tax advantages of planned giving. An excellent description of related legal and tax considerations is given in “Reaching Out” prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Download here.

As an example, if a donor invests in an annuity that they use to fund a much larger insurance policy to the benefit of Incite, their estate would receive a tax credit for the value of the insurance policy with a tax credit greater than the original cost of the annuity benefit. Such donation multiplier strategies require the help of experts.