Funding Process

Funding applications must be submitted by February 19, 2021 for the 2021 funding year.

The goal of Incite is to:

    • Support program excellence and creativity in visual and performing arts organizations in the Hamilton Area
    • Make the arts in the Hamilton community more accessible to all
    • Contribute to the financial stability of worthy organizations
    • Allow citizens and visitors to experience the joy of performance and visual art
    • Fund organizations that enrich the cultural landscape of the community
  • Fund organizations whose arts related projects contribute to the economic growth of the city

Criteria for Support
Incite will consider meeting the requests for funding only if the following criteria are met:

    • Applicant must be registered charitable organization
    • The organization must make a significant and positive change to cultural landscape of Hamilton through visual and performing arts.
    • The program must be of high quality as determined by the Advisory Committee
    • The organization must demonstrate competent management and fiscal responsibility
    • The organization must clearly demonstrate a need for funding
  • The program must exhibit clear and measurable benefits to the community

We encourage organizations that meet our criteria to apply for grants from incite Foundation for the Arts. Interested groups should fill out the grant APPLICATION FORM and should also include:

    • A brief overview of the organization and objectives
    • A brief overview of grant application and where the funds will be allocated
    • The programs current operational costs and budget
  • Short summary of previous year’s financial statements

Your funding package should be emailed to

Groups awarded support are obligated to provide a brief follow up report on the use of allocated funds. Incite grants are awarded annually for a period of one year.

Download Application Form here.

Recognition for Support

 If you receive a grant from us, we ask that you:

    • Recognize the Incite Foundation on all promotional materials for the funded activities and place appropriate signage at the events using our name and logo
    • Reference the Incite Foundation in any presentations, print, radio or television advertisements related to your event
    • Include news of your grant in any publications you produce such as printed programs, news letters, and list of supporters, brochures, and annual reports. Whenever possible place include a large advertisement in your programs.
    • Place the Incite Foundation logo and link on your website
  • Send us photographs of the project for use on our website and our publications (along with a release form signed by persons in the photograph)

We can provide further information and help prepare promotional materials if necessary.